Aureus ancient coins from the Roman Empire


Ancient Roman aureus gold coin
Buy ancient aureus gold Roman coins here.

Many of the aurei for sale in this section are modern reproductions, which is the only way most collectors will ever have an aureus in their collection (and this is certainly a valid way to do it). Such copies should be clearly marked, in the listing and sometimes on the actual coin itself.

There are also a few actual authentic aureus coins for sale, and the details about their authenticity and buying guarantees can be found (as with all the coins here, even the reproductions) by clicking the picture or the "buy"/"bid" buttons and going to the vendor's original sales page.

Happy browsing! We suggest you bookmark this page so you'll be able to find it again — these listings get updated daily, so don't miss anything.

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KAISERZEIT: Diocletian, 284-305 n.Chr. Aureus. RRR! f. St (MR103527)
[#35986] Néron, Aureus, Rome, RIC 63
[#36933] Domitien, Aureus, Rome, Rarissime, RIC 726


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