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Buy ancient sestertii, antoniniani, denarii, dupondii and others. Get information and browse our large for sale section for ancient republican and imperial Roman coinage.

This is the web's best place for finding ancient Roman coins for sale to add to your collection. On we have sestertius coins for sale, but also dupondius, denarius, antoninianus, as, and other coins. We've even got the occasional authentic aureus for sale!

Our coins come from the Roman Republic (mostly after 280 BC) and the Roman Empire until Diocletian's coinage reforms were instituted in the 280s AD. We also list modern reproductions of coins if you want a cleaner but inauthentic piece to display in your own collection.

If you aren't buying today, you can still find some useful information such as our overview of the different coin types from both the republican and imperial eras, and our tips on how to avoid accidentally buying a forged Roman coin.

We update the for sale listings on this site daily, so we recommend that you bookmark us so you can find us again. If you have any comments, each page has a public comments section; we'd love to hear your thoughts on the coins on this site and ancient Roman coin collecting in general!

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Coins by ruler

Browse ancient Roman coins for sale listed by ruler here. Quite a few ancient Roman rulers minted their own coins. Check the sub-categories on the side of this page to find certain rulers — if the one you are looking for isn't in the menu, try a search — we probably do have it! The listings in this section change quite frequently, and new offers are constantly added. Sort by date added and bookmark the page to easily check back for the latest any time. Note that we are still adding more rulers to this section; if there is someone whose coins you are particularly interested in, let us know and we'll do our best to put your request at the front of the queue...

Caligula 37-41 coins

Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, commonly referred to as simply Caligula, was the emperor of Rome from the year 37 to 41. Coins were made for him, as with most ancient Roman rulers, and with Caligula's reputation these days, his coins have many fans in the collector world. There can be authentic and modern reproductions of ancient CALIGVLA coins for sale at any given time in sales listings; whichever type of Caligula coin you are looking for, there is probably someone selling it if you look hard enough through the current offers. Remember, however, that Caligula only ruled a short time before being assassinated, and there may not be as many Caligula coins for sale as there are for, as an example, his grand uncle Tiberius, who ruled before him, or even his uncle successor Claudius


Trajan 98-117 coins

Trajan, full name Imperator Caesar Nerva Traianus Divi Nervae filius Augustus, ruled over the Roman Empire from the death of Nerva in 98 until 117 AD. The coins of Trajan are extensive and there are many different types available for different buyers; there are so many types of Trajan coins and ways to approach them that many collectors choose a specific subset of them that appeals in some way. Trajan was the adopted son of Nerva and ruled for nineteen years. His own adopted son, the famous Hadrian, took over upon Trajan's natural death in 117. Take a look at the current selection of Trajan coins available to get an idea of the scope of what is available in the marketplace


Titus 79-81 coins

Titus, full imperial name Titus Flavius Caesar Vespasianus Augustus, was the son of Vespasian and the ruler of the Roman Empire from 79 AD until dying from the plague in 81. After his death, Titus' brother Domitian became emperor. Although his reign was short, Titus made coins that are often seen for sale in online coin markets. Some nice examples of authentic ancient Titus coins from 79-81 can be seen in current sales offers; also, interested collectors may find some modern replicas for sale for a fraction of the cost


Coins by type

Find ancient Roman coins for sale here listed by type. Look at the specific coin-type categories for further classifications (for example, bronze vs. silver coins). All of these coins listed by type are currently on offer from third-party vendors. Click photos or price buttons to see more details at the vendor site. See ancient Roman coins listed by ruler here. (Many of the ruler pages are also divided into types of coins, to make it easy to pinpoint exactly what you want for your collection.)...

As coins

Buy as coins (plural: asses) here in this section of; we have split them up between Roman Republic asses and Roman Empire asses. Note that an ancient Republican as may be more scarce, but not necessarily more expensive, than an imperial as. The as was first produced in 280 BC, and around 221 BC became the standard denomination in Rome — other coins made after this date were usually named by their worth in asses. (For example, "semis" means "half", and the coin called semis was worth half an as.) The coins were made until Diocletian's coinage reforms in the 280s AD. Early asses showed the two-faced god Janus; later as coins showed the emperor's bust. "As" in other languagesIn most languages that might be found in these as for sale listings, the word is the same as English; an exception is Italian, where it is "asse"


Triens and quincunx coins

Triens and quincunx ancient Roman coins are available on the marketplace these days far less than most other types of ancient Roman coins. We have combined the few listings we can find for triens and quincunx together in this section. Find the coin(s) you would like to buy, bid on, or get more information about below. Click on the pictures or price buttons to see larger scans, shipping info, and other details about the piece. Good luck completing your collection with a triens or quincunx from Sestertius.Net! Sign up for free email updates to see the newest quincunx and triens coin additions each day in your mailbox


Aureus coins

Buy ancient aureus gold Roman coins here. Many of the aurei for sale in this section are modern reproductions, which is the only way most collectors will ever have an aureus in their collection (and this is certainly a valid way to do it). Such copies should be clearly marked, in the listing and sometimes on the actual coin itself. There are also a few actual authentic aureus coins for sale, and the details about their authenticity and buying guarantees can be found (as with all the coins here, even the reproductions) by clicking the picture or the "buy"/"bid" buttons and going to the vendor's original sales page. Happy browsing! We suggest you bookmark this page so you'll be able to find it again — these listings get updated daily, so don't miss anything


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